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THE LINCOLN-DOUGLAS EDUCATIONAL TRAINING INSTITUTE is a conservative training organization whose mission is to inspire Black Conservatives to make a difference in their community. We strive to provide Black Conservatives who desire an advanced issue-based educational experience grounded in conservative thought with a unique experience.  We are committed to providing an understanding of the public policy process with a focus on critical analysis of local, state, and national politics. We believe that Black communities are strongest when their organizing and activism are grounded in historical knowledge, strong historical belief systems, strong theory, and rigorous analysis.



The Institute is committed to training Black Conservatives on effectively engaging the Black Community by helping identify those critical issues that impact their quality of life.  By collaboratively working in the community to create – and realize – sustainable visions for their community’s future, Black Conservatives can provide alternative options supporting self-sufficiency and entrepreneurship.  The focus will be on working with and listening to community members to build long-term relationships and develop meaningful solutions to complex issues. By deepening these relationships, ideally, the value of inclusivity is central, where conservative ideas create a dialogue with the very diversity of their communities.



The Institute is committed to providing professional development opportunities and resources that help equip Black Conservatives seeking elective office. In the ever-changing field of politics, the Institute continually trains, organizes, mobilizes, and equips new grassroots Black Conservative leaders, and if elected, become effective elected officials. We believe meaningful, lasting political change starts at the state and local levels, where most actual government decisions and spending occur.


Participants are transformed through the immersive environment that creates a community of learning with a deep focus on training Black Conservatives as advocates.  By hosting classes, educational forums, study groups, presentations, film series, and dialogues, Black Conservatives will advance their knowledge and understanding of conservative principles and apply the same in practical matters.  All classes and programs are led by experts with experience in government and public policy making. Classes are conducted in a virtual environment that eliminates travel, parking expenses, and typically unpredictable commute times—making it easier for people to participate.


Participation is open to any Black Conservative.

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