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Camilla J. Moore, Ph.D.


Moore was elected Chairman of the GABRC in July of 2021. As a political activist, Moore grew up in the Georgia Republican Party. As a post-graduate in 1984, she would go on to become the first Black Georgian to serve as First Vice-Chairman of the State GOP and the first Black Georgia Republican District Chairman (newly 13th Congressional District). A recipient of awards from the Republican National Committee and the Georgia Republic Party, Moore served six years as a national surrogate for the RNC and Republican Presidential candidates beginning with Robert Dole. Moore was one of seven Georgians selected by the Bush Campaign to oversee the vote recount in Bush vs. Gore in Florida.

As an Author and Lecturer, Moore’s book “Black Conservationism And Its Quest For Relevancy” provides a historical perspective on the impact of the Republican Party on the Black community and explores the challenges of Black American Republicans in their struggle to be “Republican enough” within their party understanding the historical significance of Black Republicans and not being “black enough” within the Black community.

As a Public Administrator, Moore has managed some of the largest staff and budgets in the country. She understands the role of government as it relates to citizens and the responsibility of government in being fiscally responsible. With concentrations in urban planning, economic development, and transportation, Moore’s utilization of conservative principles has improved the quality of life for the communities in which she was employed as a public servant.


Camilla J. Moore, Ph.D.
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