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Darryl Wilson

Standing Committee Chair

Mr. Wilson is a former Naval Officer, Naval Aviator/Flight Instructor, Past Chairman of GAGOP Sixth Congressional District, and First Vice-Chair of Cobb County GOP.

On his watch, the GAGOP was able to achieve a statewide sweep of constitutional officers and won the most expensive congressional race in U.S. history.

A military brat, HBCU graduate, lifetime NAACP member, and Navy flight instructor, Darryl has initiated and managed endeavors from justice forums in the local barbershop to community programs recognized by the White House.

He influences the hearts and minds of everyone he meets and stays connected to the issues by direct involvement, most recently affecting the Georgia Election and Integrity Bill by working through his representatives in the Georgia General Assembly and ensuring that voices in the Black community were being heard and expressed in SB202AP state legislation .

He is a leader and former President of the Georgia Chapter of the Frederick Douglass Foundation, and is founder of the Black Conservative Summit traditionally held at the State Capitol Complex in Atlanta.

His new vision is DoorsPAC, an organization dedicated to Develop Opportunities for conservatives to Organize, Recruit and Serve in public life and advocate for the Black community.


Darryl Wilson
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