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Min. Vivian Childs

Past Chairman - (2nd Congressional District Candidate)

Vivian is the published author of In His Hand, I Am...His, I Am an American (The Poem), and Splintered (Brokenness in the Political Arena. Are We Sacrificing America for Political Gain?)

Vivian is a current Congressional candidate and District Chairman. She has traveled the world, both as a daughter and as a wife of retired military veterans, and was recognized as one of Middle Georgia's Finest by the “I Think I Am foundation.” She has been a teacher, a principal, and served as chairman of the Georgia Black Republican Council and as a Director on the National Diversity Coalition for Trump. Vivian was a Surrogate and Grassroots Liaison on Trump Georgia's State-Wide Leadership Committee and served as the Middle Georgia Republican Women Charter President. She is the National Federation of Republican Women Diversity Committee Chair. Vivian served on the Georgia GOP State & Executive committees, and she delivered the first motion from the floor as a Delegate/Surrogate at the 2012 RNC Convention.

Vivian is a results-driven leader who has shown leadership on local, state, & national levels to include being Chairman of the Houston County Board of Elections and serving on the Board of Directors of the Robins Region Chamber of Commerce. Vivian has been presented with Keys to the City and is a keynote motivational speaker. Vivian is a minister along with her husband, the Reverend Dr. Henry Childs, hosts an annual 9-11 ceremony with area mayors and county leadership, and is a Congressional candidate for Georgia’s 2nd District.


Min. Vivian Childs
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